Dr. Charles Cheng, MD, graduated from the University of Toronto in 1990 and completed University of British Columbia & St. Paul's Hospital Rotating Internship Programme in 1991. He started with a general practice in 1991 after working in both Ontario and BC. With a keen interest in the latest treatments available in medical science, he recognized early on that acne was an inflammatory problem, and developed an advanced approach to acne treatment with great success. By patient-to-patient word of mouth referrals, the practice grew rapidly and evolved to focus on acne.

Seeing the dramatic improvement in their teenagers, many mothers were curious with what Dr. Cheng could do with aging skin. This led to the beginning of our aesthetic practice in 1992. The best and safest treatments available then were chemical peels. With safety in mind, we cautiously started Botox injections in 1993. This was followed by the use of fillers such as Fat Transfer, Collagen (Zyplast), and Restylane in the early days of injectables. At the time, only very few patients and even physicians were aware of the potential of non-surgical aesthetic medicine. Now more of a historical fact, we fondly remember the "old days" when Botox was injected with an EMG wire attached to a metallic hub needle.

Since 1992, Skin Matters Acne and Skin Medical Centre has offered a variety of treatments, including Botox, Fillers, Topicals, and a variety of other technologies, that are professionally selected to suit each individual patient's needs. Of course, staying with our roots, we still have a special interest in acne care, offering a full spectrum of treatment options. Ultimately, it is our goal to increase every client's self confidence, regardless of age or gender by returning their own youthful look.

Dr. Cheng's extensive experience with injectables and new advances in technology offers our patients the most optimal results. With our patients' full support, our aesthetic practice has grown, steadily built on our reputation of providing SAFE, EFFECTIVE and NATURAL RESULTS. As it was in the past, the practice today is still based on mouth-to-mouth client referrals. He is among the few physicians in Canada who has achieved the Double Diamond Level account status in Canada with Allergan (manufacturer of Botox Cosmetic and the Juvéderm family of hyaluronic acid fillers). In keeping with our excellent track record, we usually achieve leading clinic status in various technologies we offer. Currently we are the leading provider for Ulthera in Canada as well as a Black Diamond status provider for Thermage CPT and Liposonix. Dr. Cheng is a consultant and physician trainer for the industry's leading companies.

In addition to community volunteering, Dr. Cheng believes in education as the root of success. He has been involved in clinical teaching with the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine since 1996. Currently, he is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, UBC. In addition, he has been involved with the Canadian national medical licensing exams for more than a decade as a contributor for the examination question bank as well as a clinical examiner every year. He also works with the medical licensing body, College of Surgeons and Physicians of BC, as a peer assessor to improve the quality of care provided to patients by the licensed physicians of this province. With the explosion of aesthetic medicine in recent years, the regulations of this field have not kept pace with the marketplace. Looking forward to setting safety and professional standards, Dr. Cheng is a founding member of the BC Society of Aesthetic Physicians and also sits on its Board of Directors as the Chairman. He firmly believes the investment in medical education and regulatory guidelines will result in a better future with more physicians of high competency and professionalism serving the community with safe and effective aesthetic medicine.

Hand-in-hand with the philosophy of Skin Matters, our clinic is staffed with a friendly and very capable team. Our staff comprise of university graduates with science backgrounds. Intentionally we keep our clinical environment to be of a medical professional nature. As reflected in the design of our website, we keep to scientific or informational formats without any glitz or fancy online marketing, coupons, promotions or incentives. We do not have a marketing department nor online expert on staff. It is our goal that all clients and patients of Skin Matters receive proper clinical assessment and the necessary education prior to making an informed decision on treatment options.

At Skin Matters, as part of contributing to the global community, we are proud to offer a 5 + 5 Beauty For Charity Program in which we will match 100% our patients' donation to charity. We encourage and suggest our patients to donate an amount equivalent to 5% of the cost of their aesthetic treatment to help those in need. Looking, feeling and doing good.

We look forward to working with clients seeking simplistic, honest, professional advice and treatments.



Dr. Kim Liew received his medical degree from the University of Alberta. He began as a family physician and currently holds more than 30 years of clinical experience. Since 2006, he has been a naturopathic consultant to guide patients in their well-being. In 2013, Dr. Liew joined Skin Matters and strongly believes in our clinic's philosophy of providing SAFE, EFFECTIVE and NATURAL results. Dr. Liew's interest in skin leads him to provide exceptional acne care, whether it be teenage acne or adult acne. Dr. Liew has also found a passion for non-surgical aesthetic procedures. He has been personally trained by Dr. Charles Cheng for Botox and filler treatments and will honestly provide the most suitable treatment for each of his patients. Dr. Liew also does consultations for Ulthera, Thermage CPT, Liposonix and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Dr. Liew is a current Diplomat with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

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Kathryn has more than 30 yrs. of health care experience, the former part of her career was in NICU. Kathryn obtained her certificate in the Cosmetic Use of Botulinum A Exotoxin from UBC Dermatology in 2001, since then she has had extensive experience and training in providing both cosmetic and therapeutic Botox treatments to her clients. She has been injecting dermal fillers since 2003 and has preceptored with many of the top Dermatologists , Plastic Surgeons and GP's across Canada. In addition, she has attended advanced technique courses in London, Paris, Monaco, New York, and McGill University.

Working as a clinical trainer and educator for a leading medical technology distributor for 5 years has provided her with extensive knowledge of many cosmetic lasers, light based and radio frequency devices, dermal fillers and cosmeceuticals. . She has worked as a national trainer teaching Physicians and RNs in basic and advanced injection techniques.
Kathryn is dedicated to education and has pursed additional degrees and certificates in Business Management, Health Care Administration, Leadership, Cosmetic Chemistry and Fine Art (sculpture and pottery). She is also involved in developing national credentialing for Nurse Injectors.

Kathryn integrates clinical expertise and artistic ability to enhance and restore the natural beauty of her clients. She likes to work collaboratively with her clients to meet their rejuvenation goals.
Kathryn is passionate about skin health, nutrition and fitness.