Teenager or Young Adult Acne is the most common skin disorder seen in young people. No other skin disorder causes this degree of physical and emotional pain and suffering for this age group. The stress and anxiety felt by young adults suffering from acne should not be taken lightly. Adolescence is a critical time in the development of an individual's psychological health, and the struggle with severe acne often significantly lowers self-esteem and confidence of youth in their early 20s.

Adult acne can occur in individuals over 25 of age, occurring more commonly in females than males. In females, it is believed to be due to hormonal imbalance. The exact mechanism or etiology is still unknown. Commonly seen in female adults, the acne is usually of the inflammatory type and centers around the mouth, nose and jawline areas. In males, the distribution may vary from one individual to another. Even though acne occurs in adults, the disease can affect the overall physical and psychological being of the individual.

The most important goal in acne treatment is prevention. If new acne can be prevented, there is lower risk of scar formation. One of the most common mistakes is to solely treat the effects of acne, without first controlling the development of new and active acne. At Skin Matters, our goal is first to take control of the active acne, before proceeding to treat any existing acne scars. The first step is to take a detailed medical history from the patient, followed by an educational session on acne. Based on each individual's acne condition, a customized plan is formed. At Skin Matters, we offer the full spectrum of acne treatments, from prescription creams to various technologies involving innovative machines. We will work with each patient to find an individualized optimal treatment program to specifically target the needs and concerns of each patient.


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Hair loss is one of the most common problems in skin care. For some patients, it can result in social difficulties as well as self-esteem issues. This can affect the quality of life and increase stress. For the most severe cases, especially in males, hair transplantation remains the gold standard and the only solution in the past. For the early to moderate hair loss patients, there are now recent breakthroughs which offer affordable hair restoration with excellent results. Patients no longer need to suffer until severe hair loss sets in to do the expensive and complicated surgical hair transplants.

At Skin Matters, non-surgical hair restoration or rejuvenation is approached on an individual basis. There are significant differences to the approach for both male and female patients. In male-pattern hair loss in men, oral medication is added to the regime to enhance the results. This allows us to attack the problem from many angles all at the same time. In the female population, no oral medications are prescribed. In men, active male hormone (dihydrotestosterone) receptor blocker is used in addition to light and topically applied technologies.